Helping difference-makers create memorable, magical brands

You’re running a micro-business that leaves a big impact on your community.

You want to leave this world in a better shape than when you found it.

Whether you realise it or not, you’re positively changing your industry through the meaningful work you do.

You want designs that will resonate with your ideal audience so that you’re attracting the people that will benefit most from your work.

But you know that you need support to develop your brand and launch with authenticity & unmistakable clarity.

Yet you’re worried that your designer won’t “get you” or be able to turn your vision into a reality.


You want to feel a connection with your designer.

You want to trust them implicitly and know that you’re talking the same language.

You want to feel heard during the design process & have your fears & doubts washed away.

Luckily, that’s exactly what I do for my clients.

I believe:

Empathy helps us understand a person’s motivations, reservations, dreams and desires.

That genuineness makes the world go around. People love my big heart, calming demeanour and open personality.

Congruent designs will help you attract the right person to your brand.

You hold the power to your brand’s success. I’m the style maker who brings your dreams to reality.

These values produce memorable brands like this:

Dream Believe Create branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Inspiring A Difference branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Wise Women Ride branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Interior Philosophy branding produced by Brand Nirvana
BOLD Dance & Arts branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Veronica Strachan branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Paige Williams branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Three Hours From Home branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Rikki-Jo Photography branding produced by Brand Nirvana
GrantsPro branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Inspiring Success branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Margaret J Taylor branding produced by Brand Nirvana
The Abbey branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Movement Studio branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Nick Matolytsch branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Dionne Lew branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Sensual Seed branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Robin Mayer branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Abundant Food Co. branding produced by Brand Nirvana
Soulstice branding produced by Brand Nirvana
The Light Lawyer branding produced by Brand Nirvana

And magical websites:

With enlightening praise:

Starting work on a creative brief is always a bit nerve-wracking. It’s natural to worry about things such as will the designer understand the brief? Will she ‘get’ my brand? Does she know what  I’m trying to achieve?

However, from the moment we first spoke on the phone, I was confident that Merryn was the right person to trust with creating a new visual brand for Dream.Believe.Create. It was clear that we had many shared values, and that Merryn immediately understood I wanted a visual brand that reflected Dream.Believe.Create’ authenticity and passion for helping women who are starting their own businesses.

Kathryn Edwards, Dream Believe Create


I absolutely LOVE working with Merryn – it’s like she has some kind of supersonic magical intuition, which she uses to get into your brain and heart.

This allows her to totally understand your vision and purpose, and then transform it into a work of art (“brand”) that can be shared with the world.  I utterly trust every decision and suggestion she has made.

She is such a special, down to earth, intelligent, and warm being, who is incredibly talented, and such an inspiration. I am so grateful that our paths crossed!

Nancy Bryla, The Light Lawyer


I recommend you and your services to anyone who genuinely wishes to create a visible reflection of their own business desires in a beautiful way.

That is what my brand is to me. If you aren’t completely clear on your brand direction- never fear- the process helps to draw that out in a non confrontational way – its like therapy- except cheaper!

Jeanette White, Wise Women Ride


The process of getting a logo and business card was something that I thought was going to be hard, but Merryn at Brand Nirvana made it so much easier than I ever expected.

Her questions really got me thinking about what my business was all about and what message I wanted to send to my potential clients. When Merryn presented the brand to me she really nailed my brief, and created a professional logo that strongly resonated with me and what I want to achieve in my coaching practice.

What I like best about the end product is how clean it is, the colouring and the way it is laid out. It reflects my approach to business – professional, warm and aspirational.

Merryn has been so great to work with and I was very impressed with how quickly my requests were responded to and the high quality of the work produced.

I would highly recommend Brand Nirvana to anyone wanting to work with someone who has the unique ability to truly listen then create a product that reflects exactly what you have asked for.

Vanessa Medling, Inspiring Success


Merryn assisted in beautifully bringing to life my passion project, Sensual Seed.  Merryn has been the ‘go to’ person for branding, graphic design, web design and marketing.  I love everything she creates.

It has been such a pleasure working with someone who strives for excellence and is willing to go the extra mile. Her human centred approach to working is evident. I recommend Merryn to anyone who desires personalised, professional service. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done.

Christine Ford, Sensual Seed


When I decided to launch my new interior styling + home organisation business in East Gippsland; I knew that Merryn was going to be the design + branding specialist who would deliver the business brand image I wanted.

One which would communicate visually in an instant that I am on trend, approachable, friendly and creative.

Merryn was able to respond to and interpret my visual and emotional ideas quickly. She beautifully translated my hand painted image and colour scheme into the digital world, and produced a business identity which I am proud to have.

I recommend Merryn to anyone needing to develop a new brand or re-develop an existing brand, as Merryn truly understand the important role that branding plays to a business’ success.

Tania Goranitis, Interior Philosophy


Like many businesses the Social Executive® was established with a logo, website and multiple social media profiles – then we got busy. Because our energy went into developing content and engaging with the social media networks that are at the heart of everything we do, our visual brand got a little neglected. So last year we decided to do something about it, putting our brand in the tender care of Merryn Padgett.

What we loved is how Merryn got under the skin of the brand – who’s behind it, what drives them – and that reflects in the depth and confidence of her design. She developed a signature style and the collateral that allows us to implement a beautiful, clean and consistent image on and offline.

Merryn has a wonderful way of providing strong creative direction and advice while listening and responding actively to the needs of a client. On a practical level she meets deadlines and provides high quality, finished files. I highly recommend her.

Dionne Lew, CEO, The Social Executive®


Merryn is a diamond designer and every facet is fabulous!

She creates this amazing design incubator, digs through all your odd mis-matched bits and pieces of ideas, thoughts, feelings and fluff until she finds the rough nuggets.

Then she nurtures, nudges, nourishes and before you know it, there is this amazing branding diamond born, polished, sparkling and exactly what you need.  You really feel her passion for your idea and at the end of the process it’s hard to tell who is more excited!

Veronica Strachan


If you share these beliefs too…

Then we may work beautifully together.

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