Entrepreneurship is not a lifestyle, nor a big vision or a skill to be learnt.

It’s a drive, that makes you get out of bed each day and tackle things that would leave others crippled with fear, rocking in corner.

It’s the action you take in order to leave your legacy for this lifetime.

It’s your Why. Your core purpose. The thing that makes your heart sing.

Entrepreneurship is saying ‘yes’, when every cell in your body is screaming, “Are you for real? Somebody tell her how INSANE this is!”.

On Friday 25 November, a number of spellbinding entrepreneurs gathered at Kick Start Smart Melbourne to impart their wisdom to a room of eager makers, doers, creatives, disruptors and leaders.

It was an honour to be in the room, because there was one piece of wisdom that left me thinking over the course of the day.


“Get out & stay out.”

Daniel Flynn




Initially, the phrase fired up the neurons. And distilled as Daniel recounted the challenges he faced whilst launching Thankyou.

The number of times he was told, “You can’t do this. It’s never been done before. It’s always done the other way, so you can’t do this…” was phenomenal. And each time, Daniel tuned into his Why and kept going.

I couldn’t help but think, “There are so many millennials launching brands that are shaping my children’s future. They’re the 1% who WILL change the world. Daniel is the 1%”.

Which led me to review the notes scrawled during the conference and list the qualities and values I believe an entrepreneur, or a 1%er if you will, may possess.


A 1%er is a person who…


  • Builds a brand based on a soul-driven purpose that is greater than the mind can fathom.
  • Lights up the room and leaves a positive mark on the world in ways unimaginable.
  • Will not shy away from their Why, because it’s a guiding force in their life and is at the core of every decision they make.
  • May prefer a social enterprise over a traditional business model.
  • Believes in a flat hierarchy, rather than a traditional tiered system, because they understand that all humans are created equally.
  • Stands for something, stands with someone, and stands out from the crowd every waking moment of their life.
  • Encounters obstacles but doesn’t let them define the response they take.
  • Devotes time to switch off in order to reset creativity and innovation.
  • Is compassionate, humble and leads with reciprocity first before expecting anything in return.
  • Is engaged in two-way dialogue with their audience and is congruent.
  • Builds a brand that people want to buy into.
  • Is redefining ‘culture’ to be an equation of purpose + values = success.
  • Has awareness of the gaps between intention and action and takes responsibility to narrow the gap.
  • Is comfortable with rookie errors, because this allowed them to find the reasons why something won’t work and this expanded their zone of genius.
  • Knows when to pivot or persist.
  • Has a strong tribe, and uses social media to extend their reach.
  • Is courageous, #solutionsfocused, and doesn’t give air-time to problems.
  • Is willing to invest in themselves, their team and their brand to cultivate growth.
  • Knows that the environment they work in is a place where magic happens.
  • Is aware of glass ceilings and is willing to smash away the confines and constraints that are imposing those ceilings.
  • Knows the importance of building a solid foundation to support the leap.

If you thought, “Yes!” when reading any of these qualities, I want you consider the last time you were showing signs of being a 1%er.


Because you are. It’s a mindset.

When you constantly live outside your comfort zone, this is where the entrepreneurial magic happens. Are you ready to get out and stay out?

Gratitude to the Kick Start Smart keynote speakers for the 1%er wisdom noted above:

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