Why is it that a branding specialist or copywriter needs to know so much about YOU as a person in order to create something like a logo or copy for your business? 


Have you ever answered a creative briefing question with ‘N/A’.  

I bet you muttered to yourself “This question is not relevant to my situation” 


Guess what? Your worldview UNEQUIVOCALLY matters to your brand message.

The signals that you put out to your niche through your brand identity, visual marketing, messaging, values, customer service strategy and ethics need to be an authentic expression of your brand. And if you are a soloist, your personal beliefs will most certainly enter the equation along the way. 

Your genetics (nature), environment (nurture), individual choices, family history, career path and values all contribute the fabric of your life. As such, this also deeply connects with your brand’s purpose and the success of your business. 


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“… if you’re putting out false symbols, you will attract people to those symbols…” Simon Sinek


Each time a creative professional asks a question like ‘What do you believe in?’ they seek to genuinely understand your unconscious and conscious drivers in order to execute a congruent response to the creative brief.

If you struggle to answer a reflective question like this, you may want to intuitively mind map:

  • The conscious and unconscious mindsets you have adopted throughout your life and how they have shaped your worldview
  • The culture in which you were raised and how this influences you
  • Any ethical and moral beliefs that influence your decision making processes both personally and professionally
  • The archetypes or generational stereotypes you consciously or unconsciously subscribe to
  • Personal or professional motivations, dreams and desires
  • The one reason why you are in business
  • Your passions and how they can be monetized
  • Your history and the stories that have shaped your personal and professional life – for example, can the wisdom you acquired after crisis be monetized? 
  • Who do you want to be attracting to your brand?
  • Who do you love working with the most?


When we think about what people need – and not what we want them to need – then we can truly create a brand that tugs at their heartstrings and triggers an emotive response. Which in turn means more people purchasing from you, and more profit returning to your business.

The next time a creative professional asks a question that challenges your belief systems; take the time to mindfully reflect on your response. Give the person an insight into your drivers and motivations, rather than writing ’N/A’.

Every belief system question in a creative brief is applicable to your brand’s success.



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