About eight years’ ago I crossed paths with Bobbie Hall, Principal of BOLD Dance & Arts.


At the time, Bobbie was an early-childhood educator and my son was in her class. He would come home from kinder telling me awesome stories about the dances he learnt with Bobbie. And so it was a pleasure to collaborate with Bobbie to rebrand BOLD.

What struck me the most during the Brand Nirvana Experience was Bobbie’s human-centred values, creativity, passion for providing East Gippsland with the same theatrical arts opportunities as metropolitan regions, and her entrepreneurial fire.

Not only does Bobbie run dance and arts classes in Orbost and Lakes Entrance, she is a champion for positive body image through The Body Positive Movement.

It was lovely to chat with Bobbie recently about her entrepreneurial journey, which continues to unfold as more amazing ideas come to her!

Enjoy the first of many Brand Nirvana Conversations.


So tell me a little about your brand… why do you do what you do?

At BOLD Dance & Arts, we are passionate about giving our students the best skills & knowledge we can, in a fun and constructive way, to support their dance journey and let each individual’s personality shine through their dance as well as create life long friendships.

Bringing dance opportunities to the East Gippsland region is all part of my big dream. Holding workshops with guest teachers of many different arts backgrounds and working alongside other local dance schools gives students the chance to experience the things within dance they may not get a chance to experience within their day to day lives like others.

I am proud to be actively involved in the local community & working with other talented, like-minded people to bring more opportunities to the area.


What do you wholeheartedly believe in that you think everyone else should believe too?

I believe we should consistently work alongside one another with honesty & respect. We all come form many walks of life, with many different experiences and ideas; why not embrace that?


Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs. What’s your top tip to overcoming obstacles?

Take time to connect with your loved ones. Whether it be family, friends, or a pet; a little quality time with the people most important to you will always have you in a positive frame of mind.


What’s your favourite design style?

Simple, yet fun! I love to be quirky in all my advertising on social media. Whether it be throwing in a funky pattern or some bling with metallics, it’s worth it!


What is your self-care routine?

Keeping my body in tune using Osteo & Massage therapy is key to keeping stable in my job. I’m a big believer of, rest the mind, rest the body, rest the soul. I never go a day without doing breathing exercises to calm my stresses, and each week finishes off with a hot cup of milo.


To connect with Bobbie’s and BOLD Dance & Arts visit:






Bobbie’s portrait was captured by Leni Lee Photography.

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