Recently I’ve noticed that developing a brand is akin to cooking the perfect risotto.

There are layers of texture and flavour added to the recipe over a period of time and you need to be patient.

And right when you think the rice won’t change from super crunchy to palatable, the dish turns the tide and comes together.


Brands are the same.

They’re a living, breathing organism brought to life through a visual identity plus your reason for existing. Your ‘why’.

Your brand expresses your values, your product offering, the empathy you have for your ideal client’s needs and your vision.

These elements are your brand’s foundation. This is the onion, garlic, olive oil and rice in your risotto. Without these elements you cannot cook your risotto.

As you layer the stock and other ingredients i.e. visual and content marketing and storytelling, your brand evolves.

Perhaps you started out with a quick logo and launched without a plan. Then you came to realise that your visual marketing is not as cohesive as you would like it to be. You feel that you need more direction and a better sense of style.

What do you do? Start over?


The perfect risotto is such because you have the skills to respond to the ingredients throughout the cooking process.

Same goes for a brand.

Sustainable growth affords you the capacity to pivot when needed. If you need to start again and refine your niche, then do so.

When you adopt a human-centred marketing strategy, rather than a push marketing strategy, you think about your client’s needs and respond through your ‘why’.


Perfection can’t be rushed, because it is a myth.

Your brand will evolve over time, as the risotto does.

Patience is the essential ingredient here.

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