Your first year in business may bring up emotions, obstacles & challenges.

And it’s ok. You will survive.

Yes, the process might be overwhelming. And yes, a mentor or coach is a great sounding board when needed. It’s also an investment in yourself and your business to engage their services. So if you’re balance sheet is looking more red than black it may be hard to justify the cost to yourself or external sources.

In truth, this is really a big story your ego is telling you to keep you safe. You are worthy of the investment. And if you desire brand nirvana to flow, allocating money to the right line items in your balance sheet is necessary for growth.

Reading those words may challenge your ego’s status quo, especially if you have core beliefs that are truly holding you back from achieving your brand nirvana.


The thing is, your brand is separate from you, but intrinsically linked to you.

Your brand needs to be a harmonious match with your personal values and beliefs so that you can truly offer services and products that excite you and your dream client.

So if you have fear, doubt, self-sabotage, overwhelm, anxiety, avoidance, a lack of self-worth, negative self-talk, deep money blocks or other ego-based stories layered around your brand – it’s nigh on impossible for your brand to thrive! You need to clear that by doing the work to achieve a different outcome.

 “Usually we think that brave people have no fear. The truth is that they are intimate with fear.” Pema Chödrön

Four years ago I was blocked, unable to move forward with clarity and anchor a brand vision that TRULY represented all that Earth & Sea stood for. I needed support from a mentor.



Enter Fiona Redding, The Happiness Hunter.

I sought Fi’s advice on ways to grow my brand. I expected the world from our session and certainly felt ill at the thought of charging more for my services because I had layers of self-talk wrapped around the brand.

I hoped that Fi would have the magic answer on how to achieve six figures. The one piece of advice that Fi offered was the most important to my brand nirvana. In our session Fi asked, ‘Do you meditate?’. You can guess the answer, because this was my first piece of inspired action.


Meditation helps you discover a golden piece of wisdom that can only ever come from within.

You have all the answers for your brand’s journey. You may need a facilitator, like a branding specialist or a business coach, to unlock these answers because your brand journey is an iterative process. A cycle of researching, planning, building, implementing, improving and growing. It’s ok to use your intuition in business.

So the next time you need to consult with an external source for advice about your business, turn to yourself first. Meditate. Walk or dance or do yoga or breathe deeply. Then mind map the problem. And sit with the process. Patience is a virtue and often the answers are very subtle and rarely come in the form you want them to! If you still struggle to find the answer, consult with a person who you know and trust.


Your intuition is your best GPS system.


Inspired Action:

  • Next time you’re stuck on a problem, grab a blank piece of paper.
  • Draw a circle in the middle of the paper and put your name and the problem in the circle.
  • Then tune into your inner knowing and ask for the first answer. You may like to use a guided meditation app if you are new to meditation. Or simply sit and breathe and focus on your breath. Allowing the thoughts to pass across your mind like leaves blowing in the wind.
  • When the first answer comes, draw a line from the centre circle and put the answer into another circle.
  • Then continue with the process until you feel the answer is complete.


I also found some great mind map resources over here if you haven’t used this process before.

Like this!

Meeting of Worlds Mind Map respectfully sourced via

Meeting of Worlds Mind Map respectfully sourced via

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