Have you ever stopped to witness the depths of your soloist journey, and notice that your brand nirvana (‘success’) is never about the destination?

When you’re navigating economical peaks & troughs it’s easy to lose sight of your Why. It’s important to remember that everyone experiences these moments in business. Your response to these challenges will hold your key to success.

And if the waves are too big to surf, why not try these top tips:


Always remember your Why – your Why needs to be your central decision making framework so you genuinely serve your community.

Have a plan – Develop a 90 day plan if you need to get on track and get stuff done. Or ponder a Plan B if external forces beyond your control enter the equation. Plan B could be a balance between a contract and self-employment – it doesn’t mean ditching your soloist dream for good. Think laterally!

Stay in your own lane – when the competition is shouting really loud & demanding attention, negative self-talk is often the first thing to bubble up. Rather than comparing yourself with the competition & thinking you’re not doing enough, stay in your own lane. Listen to your intuition, stick to your brand values & affirm that you ARE doing enough.

Find inspiration AWAY from your workspace – Epiphanies will strike when you are AWAY from work, rather than immersed IN your work. White space is the new black when it comes to self-care. It’s important to nurture yourself first, so you can continue to give to others. By taking time out during your day, you will come back to work with fresh eyes. Go for a walk, visit your favourite place in nature, watch the trees blow in the breeze.

And remember, ‘success’ in business is never about the destination – aka loads of cash and notoriety. It’s about the journey – how you make people feel along the way, and the legacy you create in the process.

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