The Brand Story

Christine Ford is the Founder of Life in Sync, and Sensual Seed is a collaboration between artist Amanda Kennedy and Christine to produce a stunning, bespoke oracle card set for women to use in their daily life.

Sensual Seed oracle cards are beautiful, rustic, natural, raw, energetic and feminine. The essence of the Sensual Seed oracle cards is expressed through a custom acrylic on canvas painting by Amanda Kennedy.

It is intended for the user to connect with their whole self through the oracle card, or to use the cards as projective or divination devices through a structured divination spread.

Earth & Sea Creative are commissioned to develop the brand for Sensual Seed, and the design and layout of the oracle cards.

Women are the target audience, and it is intended for the oracle cards to connect with the conscious and unconscious parts of the self. Sensual Seed is a beautiful gift for women.

The Design Brief

The branding will incorporate a brand mark, to be used on the reverse side of the oracle cards.

The design solution needs to draw on a rich, raw, sensual energy and is inspired by the base chakras of red, orange and yellow.


The Gallery

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