The Brand Story

Veronica Strachan is the Founder of True Dialogue; a coaching, facilitation and change/project management business, and co-founder of True Bliss; a collaboration between three women dedicated to helping women find and follow their bliss. The new brand for ‘Veronica Strachan’ will allow Veronica’s solo professional journey to unfold. 

Through her current work, Veronica is transitioning the gap between the corporate world and the holistic realm to help women be who they want to be and do what they want to do. As such, Veronica will focus on raising her profile as a coach, writer, facilitator and strategist through the new brand ‘Veronica Strachan’. 

Veronica engaged Earth & Sea Creative to develop the new brand; along with stationery (business cards & digital letterhead) and a customised background.


The Brief

The design solution will be a text based logo with a brand mark.

Keywords to convey: creative, bold, mindful, fun, authentic, caring, connected, inspiring, curious and powerfully feminine. 

Typography selection needs to echo these keywords, and be bold, flowing, smooth, clean rather than a serif or sans serif.

The colour palette is specific: red along with black, with orange being acceptable.


The Praise

“Merryn is a diamond designer and every facet is fabulous! She creates this amazing design incubator, digs through all your odd mis-matched bits and pieces of ideas, thoughts, feelings and fluff until she finds the rough nuggets. Then she nurtures, nudges, nourishes and before you know it, there is this amazing branding diamond born, polished, sparkling and exactly what you need.  You really feel her passion for your idea and at the end of the process it’s hard to tell who is more excited!” – Veronica Strachan


The Gallery

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