Through serendipity and mutual connections the stars aligned when Christine Ford needed a designer to bring her legacy project to life.

As Christine described the vision for Sensual Seed Oracle Cards, I knew this would be a unique collaboration. At the time I was unaware of the depth of our connection, nor the impact Christine’s vision would have on the world. As the Sensual Seed Oracle Card project unfolded in 2015, so too did my deeper awareness of the power of the divine feminine.

Sensual Seed Oracle Deck was picked up by Phoenix Distribution prior to launching in July 2015. Then the brand story was shared in Living Now Magazine, Leader Newspapers and Elephant Journal. Julie Parker discovered the divine power of Sensual Seed and regularly shares the cards with her Priestess community. Kylie Patchett also gave away the deck in her swag bag when she launched the Luminary Ladies Podcast. And recently Julie Parker featured Christine’s story in Divine Feminine Presence, a gorgeous ebook free to download from Julie’s website.

The desire for a six-figure launch is widely commoditised in the digital age. It’s so easy to get pulled into the vortex of shiny object syndrome marketing. Not for Christine, who is a divine woman that carries a soft yet strong presence in the world. What I love the most about her journey has been the unwavering connection to her truth and to do things in her own way. It’s clearly working.

Christine is a Brand Nirvana soul sister whom I greatly appreciate. Enjoy this Conversation.

So tell me a little about your brand… why do you do what you do?

Sensual Seed connects women with their intuition, the voice of the Divine Feminine within, who knows everything and always has the perfect guidance.

It is my own journey of total self-acceptance and healing that inspired the creation of the Sensual Seed Oracle Card Deck.  This gentle, yet powerful healing tool helps women find comfort, self-acceptance and assurance that everything is working out for their highest good.

I hope that through using the Sensual Seed oracle cards women will also experience this magical return to love that I have experienced.

What do you wholeheartedly believe in that you think everyone else should believe too?

I believe in simply being kind.

I also believe in the power of Ayurveda, the ancient natural healing method of India. It’s based on the laws of nature and makes complete sense. Once you know your constitution, you can live in harmony with your True Nature.

Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs. What’s your top tip to overcoming obstacles?

Stop following what everyone else is doing and listen to your intuition, it’s your best advisor. And make sure to surround yourself with people who believe in you.

What’s your favourite design style?

Simple, with a touch of beauty and elegance.

What is your self-care routine?

I keep my mind and body in sync by taking the space for resting,  journalling, oracle cards, walking, stretching and meditation.

To connect with Christine, or discover the power of Sensual Seed Oracle Cards, visit: 





Christine’s portrait was captured by Ulrike Reinhold.

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