If you’re about to take a massive leap of faith in business, chances are you might be experiencing an equally big dose of <insert negative state of mind here>.


Soloist life has it’s perks: freedom, collaborating with amazing people, travel, self-empowerment, leaving a legacy, helping people, monetising your passion etc etc. 


And then there are the times when negative Nancy kicks in and the job advertisements in the newspaper are really inviting. A regular, stable income might be the biggest reason for quitting your soloist dream. But it doesn’t mean you need to give up on living and breathing your Why.


There are 4 archetypal characteristics that exist within everyone’s psyche: The Child, Victim, Prostitute & Saboteur. When negativity starts turning up the dial in your head, it’s more than likely that the negative state of an archetype is at play.


“The Child, Victim, Prostitute and Saboteur are all deeply involved in your most pressing challenges related to survival. Each one represents different issues, fears, and vulnerabilities that you need to confront and overcome…” CAROLINE MYSS, SACRED CONTRACTS


Here’s 5 ways you can cure your serious case of self-doubt and overwhelm when trying something new.


  Review praise + renew faith

I keep an Evernote notebook of testimonials from clients and look at the praise when I need to increase confidence. You could also list the benefits that people experience when they work with you, and take a look when the chips are down.


  Be self-compassionate

Being self-compassionate is a human need that is often overlooked by entrepreneurs. Try changing your vocabulary from a negative to a positive. Rather than thinking “I can’t possibly do this?” “What if I fail?”, why not affirm “Bring it on!” “Let’s see what happens!”Or use EFT, NLP or a similar energy frequency to change your vibration.


  Change your surroundings

Go for a walk, meditate, go to yoga, swim, run, bike ride, paddle. Check in with the things that nourish you and do them.


  Two brains are better than one

If you have a coach, check in with them.
If you are a member of an online community, reach out.
If you have a friend who is also in business and can positively support you, call them.
The essence is: you are not alone, reach out and share your overwhelm and lighten the load.


  Be bold & take action

Sometimes you need to get back in the driver’s seat and do the one thing you doubt. What’s the worst that could happen?


If you need to analyse the situation in more detail, why not undertake a SWOT and write down the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats surrounding your self-doubt and overwhelm. This will provide more clarity than simply mulling over the situation in your head.

When you have a serious case of self-doubt and overwhelm, you have two choices: tell negative Nancy to pipe down, do the big scary thing you’re avoiding and empower yourself. Or do nothing, hug your cat, eat chocolate, drink gin and live with regret.

What is your natural state of being?

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