Recently, a very talented friend helped declutter my wardrobe & the process helped awaken a sense of freedom from stuff. Because shiny stuff is magnetic & I’m like a bowerbird.

Decluttering clothing sparked not only joy & transformation, but a deeply reflective process on The Art of Decluttering Your Brand. In particular, how KonMari can be applied to visual branding & personal branding.

There is SO much noise online. I’m tired of the NOISE in my inbox. I’m tired of Facebook ads shouting at me ‘Click here! Buy my EPIC! new program that will GUARANTEE! you a six figure salary in 7 days!’. So that’s why I deactivated Facebook for a while. I do this every now & then. I get to the point where the constant algorithm changes & the noise of Facebook triggers an ‘I hate Facebook’ moment.

When it comes to your brand’s digital presence, I believe:

  • That a solid reputation is earned through your presence – you have to be there, genuinely, for your crew & show you care
  • And like any relationship, trust takes time to build
  • Trust can’t be pushed
  • Your brand superpower is your heart, not your head
  • When you follow your heart, that’s when ‘success’ – or Brand Nirvana as I call it – will flow

And a pushy sales process does not support my beliefs.

Nor does posting to Facebook ten times a day, just so I show up in my crew’s newsfeed.

If you want to declutter your brand & digital presence, hang out on platforms that spark joy for your brand journey, brand voice & brand vision.

And then unsubscribe from the noise.

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