eL Seed Graffiti Artist

Image source: eL Seed TED Talk

Hands up if you LOVE discovering inspiring people?

Ditto. And I love sharing the wisdom I discover… it’s all about the ripple effect.

I had the pleasure of attending the Strategies for Inspired Health & Personal Success Seminar yesterday – a seminar facilitated in East Gippsland by two awesome people living their passion and heeding to their calling with absolute authenticity and congruence.

The seminar highlighted a piece of wisdom on the notion of role models:

“If you want to strengthen your self-awareness muscle, you need a role model in your life.”

This statement lit a spark and I was compelled to jot down the names of many people across different elements of my life: business, design, health + wellness, creativity… the list goes on.

And a new article series has been bubbling away for about six weeks’, so I figure the time is now to take action!


eL Seed Graffiti Artist

Image source: eL Seed TED Talk


In the series “Awesome People to Discover” I will share visual or written content from people I know personally, or have discovered through the magic of the internet.

The ‘role models’ are featured because their personal/professional journey, personal/brand message, visual/written content or values inspire me and have shaped my personal or professional journey. 

I will interview members of my tribe as well, because over the past three years’ I have connected with a number of exceptionally inspirational people!


eL Seed TED Talk 1

Image source: eL Seed TED Talk


So let’s move onto the essence behind Awesome People to Discover Vol 1.

I love street art because the synergy of art and freedom of speech is carried through the medium.

The first volume of Awesome People features eL Seed – a graffiti artist who spreads the message of hope and peace through Arabic poetry.

Enjoy eL Seed’s TED Talk and be inspired to share your values and message with authenticity.

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Image source: eL Seed TED Talk

Image source: eL Seed TED Talk

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