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Famished at 3pm, a person realised they unintentionally skipped lunch.


“A pie from my local bakery” they thought. “That will have to do”.


Upon entering the bakery, the shop attendant was making a couple of rolls.

The customer was the only person in the shop, and they needed food as soon as humanly possible. The shop attendant looked up from their roll preparation when the customer entered the bakery, and it was the customer who initiated conversation, “Hi, I’m starving, I really need lunch.”


The shop attendant didn’t empathise with the customer’s needs, didn’t stop making the rolls or really make the customer feel welcome. 

In the end, the customer asked the leading questions to spark a relatively one sided conversation. They received their pie & sauce and their hunger would be satiated in a matter of moments. But there was so much missing from the experience. Where was the passion in the shop attendant’s affect? Where was the empathy? Did the bakery have a way of ensuring consistent, positive customer service is delivered to every person that walks in their door? 

The customer sat at the bakery bench watching the lake sparkle in the distance, eating their relatively nice pie & sauce, reflecting.


They went to the bakery with the assumption that the shop attendant would empathise with their needs and the purchase would be a positive experience. All they left with was a product and a bland transactional process.


It doesn’t take much to make a person feel at home when they interact with your brand.


Go the extra mile.
Empathise with your client.
Make them feel at home in your bricks and mortar store.
Offer quality service and value in your online shop. 
Because the customer will come back again and become brand advocates for your product.
And most of all, will think of your brand each time they have a need for your product.


Empathy is the essential ingredient in the customer service pie.

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