Instagram innovated & entered game changing territory overnight by introducing a ‘Story’ function which is practically the same as Snapchat.

I didn’t jump aboard the Snapchat train, so I can’t compare. But I do wonder if Snapchat will fade like Periscope did. I’m calling it early, and saying yes.

Shiny object syndrome aside, I ask the early adopters of Instagram one question, “Are you growing tired of the sea of sameness content that is churning out on Instagram?”

Curated feeds that scream #latergram are beginning to bore me.

And this also shows that the Instagram vibe has changed a lot since Facebook’s acquisition and the introduction of the algorithm.

Some peeps don’t care about this stuff. But my social media cynic is rife.

So I ask you, “What will be the new PHOTO sharing platform?”.

I’m tipping Hipstamatic Oggl.

I think it’s time to go back to basics and share PHOTOS rather than perfectly-curated-#latergram-content-hybrids.

There’s a few instabilities in the Oggl platform that need to be ironed out:

  • There are code errors when you try to connect Instagram to Oggl, so you can find friends and share content.
  • And the platform crashes when you try to connect Facebook for the same reason.

But if you use Hipstamatic and understand the cult following of the iPhoneography app, you may agree that Oggl has great potential.

So tell me… What are your thoughts on Instagram Stories?

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