The Brand Story 

Tania Goranitis is the Founder of Interior Philosophy, an interior styling and home organisation service located in Paynesville, East Gippsland.

Tania believes that a beautiful and well organised home is important to her client’s life, as the home should be a sanctuary and it should support the individual and the collective through daily routines, challenges and celebrations. It should promote healthy living and good decision making. It should be a space where the individual feels comfortable and happy, and it should reflect the personalities of the people who reside there. As a home stylist and organiser, Tania works with her clients to change how they feel in their home through de-cluttering, re-stlying or both.

The Brief

Earth & Sea Creative were commissioned to develop the brand identity for Interior Philosophy. Keywords to echo in the design: on trend, perfectly imperfect, timeless, modern, rustic, sensitive and thoughtful.

Other mandatories:

  • a stamp style logo using circles as the base
  • the typeface Geo Sans Light (or a brush script alternative)
  • the integration of a gouache illustration into the final design
  • a colour palette devised by the client

The Highlights

Tania is an incredibly talented illustrator and visual artist; and when she posed the idea of a collaboration on her branding project, I was delighted to participate! 

Using gouache paint, Tania developed the base graphic for the Interior Philosophy brand identity (the vase and flowers) and I translated this to a vector illustration, so it could be used in a variety of ways (including as a surface pattern design).

As a designer, it is always a challenge to ensure that you pay homage to another designer’s work in the best way possible. When revealing the vectorised version, Tania noted I was “…very sensitive to the original piece and executed the work perfectly.” 

The Praise

“When I decided to launch my new interior styling and home organisation business in East Gippsland; I knew that Merryn was going to be the graphic designer and branding specialist who would deliver the business brand image I wanted.  

One which would communicate visually in an instant that I am on trend, approachable, friendly and creative. Merryn was able to respond to and interpret my visual and emotional ideas quickly. She beautifully translated my hand painted image and colour scheme into the digital world, and produced a business identity which I am proud to have.

I would recommend Merryn to anyone needing to develop a new brand or re-develop an existing brand, as Merryn truly understand the important role that branding plays to a business’ success.” Tania Goranitis

The Gallery

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