Have you reached a point in your business’ journey where the notion of ‘change’ needs to enter the equation so you up-level?

You may have quickly thought of a business name, registered it and launched without a plan; thinking “I’ll see how this all goes, and then invest in the business in the future.”


What if:

The thought of change overwhelms you, but you know it’s mandatory in order to be ‘successful’?

You are crippled by fear and loathe the thought of jumping into the unknown?

Self sabotage is your middle name. Mindsets and stories are holding you back from achieving TRUE success.

You catch a serious case of brand envy and feel that you are left behind by the competition. You tell yourself more stories “Oh they had a great logo and a huge following to start with so I was nothing compared to them”.

Your brand didn’t skyrocket in the way you hoped, causing you to lose sight of the big picture and enter The Land of Serious Brand Blues?


If the word rebrand overwhelms you, here's 3 ways to make friends with the word 'change'


How can you breathe new energy into your brand to ensure that your future is full of sustainable growth and positive change?


1:: Make a list of everything you want to change about your brand and business.

The adage ‘If money was no object, what would you dream business look like’ is perfect.

Channel Denise Duffield-Thomas, grab a big ass wad of paper and your favourite pen and make a list of EVERYTHING you want to change. 


Does your brand name serve your business’ higher purpose? If not, you might want to enlist the support of a branding specialist to help you mind map a new name.

Has your brand position changed? You may want to develop a new value proposition.

Did you develop a set of values and principles that you consciously abide by? If not, time to do so. Being a human-centred business owner, i.e. empathic, congruent and genuine, is essential in the 21st century. With a gazillion other brands out there vying for your ideal client’s attention, the consumer’s freedom of choice is huge. You need to walk your talk. And have social proof to back you. 

Is your brand identity cohesive? Do a brand audit, assembling all of your visual assets and noting what needs to change and how you can create consistency. Grab an A3 sheet of paper and mood board where your brand is at now, and get a better sense of where you want to take it. A branding specialist should do this for you when you engage them to undertake a rebrand. 

Is your website converting window shoppers into subscribers, followers and loyal brand advocates? If not, why? Could it be the copywriting needs a tweak? Or perhaps the whole user experience needs a refresh. Did you DIY? If so, it’s possible that you will need to address your website sooner rather than later. DIY is a great option if you are cash strapped in the seed phase, but if you are affirming ‘game on’ to your market sector, DIY may not be serving your future brand self.

Are you experiencing a skills gap, and need to invest in YOURSELF? Perhaps investigate professional development opportunities. You’re probably time-poor, juggling work/family/career/fun/your vision – so a short course may be a better alternative to a VET or higher education course. Check out one of the many MOOCS at your fingertips: LyndaSkillshare, Udemy are a great start.

Can you afford to outsource areas that are distracting you from earning money? Administration, business development, finances, graphic design, website management, marketing, PR, copywriting, child care, cleaning. This is a tip of the outsourcing iceberg – what else can you add?


If the word rebrand overwhelms you, here's 3 ways to make friends with the word 'change'


2:: Talk to a professional you trust, who has runs on the board and you know will help you get the results you need to achieve.


When you are considering investing serious coin into your business, are you more likely to trust a suggestion from a colleague, or take your chances with an organic Google search? Chat with colleagues or affiliates who launched their business with authenticity and unmistakable clarity and ask for a referral or a personal introduction to their networks.

Once you have a solid wish list, add each item into an action plan and set some goals so you have a tangible timeline to work toward.

Perhaps you want to start the new year with a brand strategy session? This could lessen overwhelm and help you map a way to move forward.

Set SMART branding goals (Specific, Measurable, Action Centred, Realistic, Timely). You may set a goal to refresh your brand identity (name, logo, social media assets) within 3 months of a brand strategy session, and tackle the website and copywriting in stage two.

Chat to your accountant and set financial goals for the year, so you can sustainably increase your income and invest in your business and yourself. 



If the word rebrand overwhelms you, here's 3 ways to make friends with the word 'change'


3:: Take action and make friends with the word ‘change’.

How do you eat an elephant? One step at a time. By breaking the big picture plan into smaller steps, change (aka a total brand overhaul) becomes a lot more digestible.

If you are a part of a professional network, enlist the support of an accountability partner. It’s amazing where the motivation comes from to achieve your goals when you are accountable to another person AND yourself!

By taking action you are empowering yourself to take your business and brand identity to the next level.

You are setting an example amongst your networks, colleagues and affiliates. You are inspiring those in your inner circle to take action and embrace change.

The invisible energy that surrounds you, otherwise known as your comfort zone, expands and becomes even wider.

Brand and business success is not just about the financial rewards, there are personal benefits too: leaving a legacy, inspiring others, building a solid tribe of brand advocates, fulfilling your life purpose by living your Why, nurturing your passions and awakening your true potential as a business owner.


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