It’s been raining for three days straight, the Star Wars/Frozen/pink unicorn banter is wearing you thin + the sparkle of Christmas went to the compost heap with the tree.

You’re juggling soloist life during the school holidays and feel guilty for allowing the kids to have more screen time than you hoped would happen. But then you remember that meme your friend shared on Facebook on the last day of Term. You now ironically feel relieved and mutter to yourself, “I’m not the only one giving my kids waaaay too much tech on the holidays, thank goodness”.

How can you manage the school holiday juggling act of work/family/vision/health/fun/friendships AND stay sane?


Here’s a few ideas:


1. Get out of the house as much as possible:

Have adventures in the morning and work in the afternoon while the kids chill. Bike rides, trips to the beach, park life, bushwalking, exploring your local neighbourhood, geocaching – there are so many possibilities.




2. Reward the whole family with fun day trips:

Take day trips a couple of days a week and sandwich the fun with ‘rest days’. On the days you head out for a trip, work that evening and then smash it on the ‘rest days’ while the kids have a friend over or chill at home.


3. Immerse yourself in the great outdoors!

Garden, involve the kids in decluttering the yard and preparing for the new year, volunteer your time at their school attending to the yard during the break.




4. Holiday Programs + Camps:

There are so many amazing holiday programs these days. Your local library may have a few activities throughout the holidays, or you may be fortunate to live near a resilience building camp like The Portsea Camp.


5. Ask for help

It’s ok to take your superwoman cape off and ask for help. Grandparents are invaluable during the holidays, as are siblings and close friends. 


6. Rainy days are actually ok:

Don’t despair rainy days, just think of the water for the garden and farmers. And once you have finished offering gratitude to the Sky Gods, trawl Pinterest for awesome activities you can do together!


Or read together, paint, draw, head to the movies, take refuge in an indoor play centre or shopping mall, bring out the board games, do a bit of cooking, build a cubby or Lego.




7. Embrace the holidays + be present:

If you can, why not take extra time off. Our children are only little for such a short time. I’m sure they will remember the amazing memories you are creating during the holidays, more so than the time Mamma had to work her butt off to meet a self-imposed deadline.


8. Always be prepared:

When you’re out and about with the kids, be sure to have Evernote, a notepad or a voice recorder on hand. You never know when inspiration will strike and you need to capture those golden moments of clarity in the moment.




If you are super organised and managing work/family/your vision with a degree of effortless chic, why not pencil in some time to work on your business over the holidays. Kick start 2016 with even more clarity by booking a free 30 minute brand consult. Drop me a line, tell me the biggest challenge you are facing right now in your business and the best time to catch up.


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