Nature therapy, resting to recharge, trusting intuition in business, cultivating better habits for stress management and listening to your inner wisdom.

In the Brand Nirvana Playlist Volume Two you will find a number of articles and podcasts with the theme of self-care.

How many times have you overlooked your own health, or the subtle signs your body is sending you, because you ‘don’t have time to nurture yourself’?

Self-care is important for anyone, and especially entrepreneurs, because if you don’t look after yourself – who will? Self-care can be as simple as listening to your intuition in business or as bold as going on a 10-day silent meditation retreat.

In my twenties, self-care was alcohol by the litre and ridiculously self-sabotaging behaviours. These days I refrain from alcohol because I like to have a clear an open channel for creativity.

Instead I choose:

  • Daily meditation, journaling and walking
  • Yoga, floating, chiropractics and healing
  • Reading and as little time on Facebook as possible
  • Being in nature as much as possible
  • Adventures with my kids
  • Glamping, four-wheel driving and mountain bike riding
  • And there’s a hint of chocolate and yummy food thrown into the mix!

Each golden nugget in this playlist offered clarity in times of challenge, provided confirmation that I’m on the right path in business or helped solve a problem through a different lens.

Enjoy. I’d love to hear your favourites.

P.S. When it’s a long weekend and the high country is your backyard, adventure is great self-care.


Brand Nirvana Conversations: Bobbie Hall, BOLD Dance & Arts

The Chemistry of Building Better Habits by James Clear

The rest-to-work ratio: why recuperation matters more than work by Bridget de Maine

8 ways to medicate stress (that aren’t alcohol)


Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 51: Angella Johnson – Formulas Are Not the Answer

Your Next Chapter Podcast Ep 47: Veronica Strachan – Finding Your Way Home

Hello Sunday Morning: Chris Raine #BusinessAddicts

Danielle LaPorte on White Hot Truth – The Priestess Podcast Julie Parker

Julie Parker on Embracing Change – The Priestess Podcast Julie Parker

Bronnie Ware on Finding Comfort in Discomfort – Slow Your Home Brooke McAlary

Sarah Wilson on going slow and the power of a good flâner – Slow Your Home Brooke McAlary

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