Solitude, the gift of silence and active listening are skills, which once mastered will extend to all aspects of your life and awaken alchemy.


And this naturally includes your brand.


Your strategic goals are particles of energy sending vibrations throughout time and space. What you focus on returns to you multiplied. Positive intention receives positive reaction. Negative focus, you guessed it, returns negative effects.

By focusing on your business, your dream client’s needs and your brand vision – in the present moment through the lens of the desired outcome you wish to achieve – you can tune into your inner rhythm (intuition).

This synchronicity allows your business to flourish through the gift of alchemy.


Meditation offers you the sufficient conditions needed to enjoy solitude and awaken active listening.


There are many techniques around, easily discoverable through a Google search. If you’re seeking a new way to be present and still, why not simply focus on your breath for five minutes.

Focus on your inhalations and exhalations, pausing at the changeover for a moment. You can build your practice further by trying a guided app or subscribing to a meditation challenge, like the #BusinessAddicts 7 Day Meditation Challenge.


When you give yourself the opportunity to be present through meditation, you open your consciousness up to the wonderful opportunity to connect with your heart.


And this is where the magic of alchemy happens. The heart space is where your intuition and inner silence reside.

When you listen to your own intuition first, and have awareness of your decision-making framework, this is where you can give yourself the space to start listening to the needs of your dream clients.

Solely focusing on what and how you are operating your business distracts you from the essence of your core brand. By focusing on why you do what you do, you have better clarity around your brand’s value proposition, vision, mission and strategic directions.


Apply the gift of silence and listening to your daily life, you have the capacity to transform your brand.


The alchemical process of awareness will shift your brand from a transactional business to a transformational, life-changing asset in your dream client’s life.






Download this meme to help remind you of silence & listening – you can save it as a phone background too!

Join the Business Addicts Meditation Challenge

Focus on tuning into the rhythm of your heart for 7 days, and allow thoughts to pass if you find yourself distracted.

Journal, because obstacles and challenges may surface over the course of the 7 days – this is a natural part of the process, you shift your habits from a state of reaction to intuition.

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