“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein


You’re coming out of the seed phase of business and it’s time for growth. And this new level of entrepreneurship comes with other obstacles.

Perhaps you’re a busy mother, juggling your entrepreneurial pursuits AND raising a very young family? You sense you need to reclaim time and you’re unsure how.

Maybe you are looking for more innovative ways to grow your business, like crowdfunding or a grant.

It’s breaking point while you bootstrap your legacy project. Your corporate job has been a back up for too long. Time is being stretched every-which-way. You’re ready to ditch the 9-to-5, so you can throw all of your time and attention at your Why.


Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey: you are never alone.


Problems will always arise.

The gift is in the struggle. Yet it’s often challenging to see the forest for the trees when you’re going through the journey.

Often you need to wear a different hat to solve the problem. This activates the opposite side of the brain to your default response. You solve the problems through a different lens.

If you’re REALLY struggling… reach out to a coach, mentor, friend or another trusted professional who can help you through.


Years ago I discovered Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats®. It’s a handy way to solve problems on the go.

I also love mind-maps, so why not combine both thinking systems when you encounter your next obstacle?


Inspired Action:

Put the obstacle you need to solve in a circle on a clean piece of paper.

Then draw six circles coming out from the centre circle and consider each element from the Six Thinking Hats® perspective.


The White Hat: calls for information known or needed. “The facts, just the facts.”


The Red Hat: signifies feelings, hunches and intuition. When using this hat you can express emotions and feelings and share fears, likes, dislikes, loves, and hates.


The Black Hat: is judgment – the devil’s advocate or why something may not work. Spot the difficulties and dangers; where things might go wrong. Probably the most powerful and useful of the Hats but a problem if overused.


The Yellow Hat: symbolizes brightness and optimism. Under this hat you explore the positives and probe for value and benefit.


The Green Hat: focuses on creativity – the possibilities, alternatives and new ideas. It’s an opportunity to express new concepts and new perceptions.


The Blue Hat – is used to manage the thinking process. It’s the control mechanism that ensures the Six Thinking Hats® guidelines are observed.


Image credit: Allef Vinicius

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