You’re busy. 

You have deadlines to meet.

There’s no time to stop.


You have bills to pay.

A business to grow.

Goals to achieve.


You’re walking down the street and a pair of shoes catch your eye. They’re fabulous and elicit shiny-object-syndrome. You want the shoes. “I can’t stop, I’m busy, I’ve got bills to pay, I shouldn’t be buying shoes” you muse.


There’s a fabulous course you feel compelled to enrol in. You know it’s a worthwhile investment. In one breath, you are sold on the fact that you HAVE to move forward to succeed in business. “Lean in”, as Brené suggests, “…push through that fear and commit…”, these are the random thoughts that circulate your consciousness as you do a quick SWOT. You enrol, almost feeling ill at the thought of the financial outlay, but the choice feels right.


Exhausted from the busyness of being in business, you need time out. A two-day retreat would rock your world. There’s a discount on offer, so you lean in knowing that the investment in your SELF will pay off in the long run. 


Then you stop.

And reflect.

“Oh my goodness, where did my gratitude go? Why am I in fear mode?” 


It’s time to relax.

Trust in the journey of life.

And take practical action in ways that suit you best.


The wheel of life will always turn. 

And the present moment is the only place you truly need to ‘be’.

Acceptance will help you unlock the door to happiness.


And sometimes you need to stop and buy the shoes.


Image credit: Kate Spade via David Jones

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