Holidays are such a brilliant way to take time out, recharge your batteries, spend time with your loved ones and work on the business.

And then the day comes when you have to return to work. It’s ‘game on’, but you might be juggling kids who are on holidays and this is tricky at times.

In this article I share 6 ways to keep your business sparkle alive post-holiday.


  Start the year with clarity

Fiona Redding, Founder of The Happiness Hunter and author of The Seven Elements Framework suggests to “…[seek] balance across all areas of your life – recognising that EVERYTHING is your life, and that everything you do is inextricably linked…”.

Balance and harmony comes when you look at life as an integrated puzzle rather than silos operating independently from one another.

Get clear about The Seven Elements of your life and remember that ‘work’ is one element of ‘life’.

Start the year with clarity by doing the The Happiness Quotient

Find out your HQ, where the gaps are and take action to create meaningful change in your life. I did this last year when I enrolled in the You Can Change Your Life Bootcamp. When I wholeheartedly committed to my HQ, the results were amazing.

The Seven Elements Framework by Fiona Redding, Founder of The Happiness Hunter


  Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries!

Have strong boundaries so your time is respected by clients, colleagues, affiliates, your family, and most importantly yourself.

Remove obstacles and distractions from your routine when you’re on a deadline. Business tools like social media and incessant checking of email will distract you. If you have an idea jot it down and blog about it instead.


  Outsource DIY + reclaim your Zone of Genius

Outsource anything that distracts you from your “Why” and Zone of Genius. And if you need a handy tool to help you prioritise what you need to outsource, I’ve published one here.


  Get back into routine

Create a morning routine that puts you in a positive mindset. Start your day with gratitude. Embrace the day with inspired action. Practice mindfulness – meditation is even better!

Exercise – Swimming, yoga, running, cycling, Metafit, Pilates, Paddling, the gym – whatever floats your boat, but make it happen.


  Set intentions + priorities

Prioritise your day by setting goals and create a ‘have to do’ vs a ‘nice to do’ list.


  Pencil in ‘you time’

Nurture yourself!

  • Order your groceries online
  • Eat good food
  • Drink lots of water
  • Go to bed before 10pm
  • If you are burning the candle, make sure you nurture yourself in other ways (downtime on the weekends, lunch with a friend, adventures with the family).
  • Make time to have a lunch break
  • Treat yourself to a reward


If you don’t look after yourself, how can you serve others?

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