“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” – Mahatma Gandhi


The Brand Story

The Abbey is a place of contemplation and hospitality, operating as an accommodation and conference centre as well as offering a space for pilgrimage and spiritual reflection.

The Abbey has a rich history and an innovative future vision guided by a community of inspired and conscious people, such as Archdeacon Edie Ashley. The natural environment of Raymond Island, East Gippsland, makes for a special place for individuals to discover their connection to the environment, a broader community, themselves and God.

The Abbey has historical connections to three separate identities resulting in a confused brand message and identity.

What’s more, a non-responsive website meant The Abbey’s digital presence did not serve the organisation’s future potential and vision.

The Abbey’s website design needs to offer potential guests and friends an insight into the story behind the organisation and showcase the new motel units. The Abbey’s unique brand proposition needs to be discovered, inspiring guests to visit Raymond Island for inclusive hospitality, spirituality and environmental experiences.


Image credit: Albatross Photography


The Design Brief

Through the Brand Nirvana Experience, The Abbey sought to:

  • Develop a brand narrative;
  • Refresh The Abbey’s brand identity;
  • Share The Abbey’s story with the broader community; and
  • Increase occupancy rates, which in turn increases funds available to undertake capital works associated with the Master Plan vision.


The Project Scope

The primary focus of the rebrand and website design was to:

  • Create a compelling brand message, visual identity and digital presence, which are aligned with The Abbey’s unique value proposition.
  • Up-skill The Abbey staff with the knowledge and skills to manage the organisation’s website and email marketing platforms.
  • Develop a digital plan that addresses the communication needs of The Abbey.


The Brand Nirvana Experience

The chosen logo design is a simple combined mark referencing the iconic A-Frame at The Abbey.

Modern typography and vibrant colours of spirituality (purple), hospitality (red) and environment (green) effortlessly juxtapose the line drawing.

Stage 1 of the website design is a responsive, full width WordPress site with parallax scroll headers and Mailchimp integration. The photography of the pristine natural environment at The Abbey is the hero, along with the modern, uncluttered design.

Stage 2 will encompass online booking using a channel manager, blog and additional social media integration.

Experience The Abbey website for yourself.

An image of The Abbey website superimposed on an iMac screen


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