A new series on the Earth & Sea blog: The Brand Nirvana Playlist.

Lists of things that grace my ears when I’m out walking, for your auditory enjoyment.

First up, podcasts.


These are my go-to podcasts.


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October 2016 playlist:


1 October 2016

#BusinessAddicts discussing business trade marks with Lisa Win.


3 October 2016

#BusinessAddicts discussing creating digital products with Shayne Tilley.


5 October 2016

Kelly Exeter & Brooke McAlary talk self-awareness and change on the Let It Be podcast.


5 October 2016

Dionne Lew & Trevor Young enlighten us in episode 4 of PR Leads.


6 October 2016

Trevor Young caught up with Tim Hughes to discuss ‘How to grow your visibility & influence’ on Reputation Revolution.


10 October 2016

Alyssa Martin & Kimberley Herrington confess a number of ways to blend creativity & strategy on Confessions of a Female Entrepreneur.


12 October 2016

Katrina McCarter dropped an astonishing fact about the Mum-economy in this #BusinessAddicts episode.


16 October 2016

Simple living is inspiring. Kelly & Brooke go deep in this episode of Let It Be.


17 October 2016

And a favourite… comfort zones. Discussed in beautiful, honest ways on Let It Be.


Do you have a podcast you simply can’t get enough of?

Hit me up (hello at earthandsea dot com dot au) and I’ll add it to my playlist.

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