Often when I meet a new client, we chat about a variety of elements of their business.

Visual branding is one topic of conversation. But we also talk about personal branding because our society tends to judge a brand based on visual appearances, rather than the talent of the person behind the brand.

I am a tattooed elegant hippy on the weekend. A Reiki Master who has a passion for reciprocity & healing.

And by day, when I’m walking the branding specialist path, I’m a minimalist who loves luxe shiny things. This subculture is a perfect fit for the Earth & Sea brand. And there is an opportunity for me to reveal the core of my personality to the right people.

Two years ago, when chevron & pineapples & ego were on their way out, The Hipster Subculture was starting to fade into the shadow of its former glory.

Here’s my prediction for a new personal brand subculture of our time: The Resurgence Warrior.

Tired of the digital age, The Resurgence Warrior is reviving old school artisan trades they learnt by apprenticeship in the 70’s and 80’s.

The Resurgence Warrior is a multipotentialite. They wandered the world learning and discovering through a journey along the Good Red Road. Tired of the ego-driven-externalite-archetype, they are compassionate and believe in reciprocity.

The Resurgence Warrior is a blend of contrasts. Strong yet sensitive. Passionate about the artisan craft they pursued before children, yet calm, grounded and earthy.

The new subculture of our time is a change-maker through genuineness & authenticity. Rather than the ‘look-at-me-watch-me-it’s-all-about-me’ psychology of the millennial age.

The Resurgence Warrior is the new subculture emerging as a result of The Bearded Hipster.

And this is brilliant.

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